A Swedish Shampoo Ad Tells About An Emerging Public Health Issue

Few months ago the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation launched an ad in the train stations (T-Bana) of Stockholm city. Soon it became the talk of the town not only for the amazing technology used in it, but also for the message it carried with. On a normal day when you are waiting for the train... Continue Reading →


The Art of Academic Essay Writing

Essay writings are a dime  and a dozen in  grad-students' lives. Almost in every course students have to submit a piece of essay as a part of their assignment. Specially writing thesis is a mandatory part of any graduate program. Still many of us don't know how to write a good essay; how to make... Continue Reading →

Use of antibiotics during infancy and risk of developing childhood obesity

Childhood overweight and obesity is becoming a major public health concern worldwide. An estimated 43 million pre-school children would develop overweight and obesity – a report from 2010 says. Alongside the developed countries, the prevalence of childhood obesity is alarmingly increasing in developing countries. Childhood obesity tends to be continued in adulthood and increases the... Continue Reading →

Self-Harm In Young People: Time For Action

Self-harm in young people is emerging as a major public health problem all over the world. Self-injury and/or self-poisoning regardless the motivation or intention is considered as self-harm. Most of the time self-harm is an expression of underlying mental health problem of an individual. Usually people from 10 years to 24 years are considered as... Continue Reading →

Obesity in children and its consequences

Bangladesh has been experiencing an epidemiological transition from communicable to non-communicable chronic diseases. While childhood under-nutrition is still highly prevalent in the country, there has been a steep rise in childhood obesity and overweight in the last 2 decades leading to double burden of malnutrition. World Health Organisation (WHO) declared childhood obesity as one of... Continue Reading →

Are The Doctors Solely Responsible For Corruptions In Bangladesh Healthcare System?

Bangladesh has been an outstanding example of healthcare achievements over the last few decades. However, these successes would have been more and more, if there were less corruptions and administrative mismanagement in health sector. Recent Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB)  report elucidate the extent of corruptions in Bangladesh healthcare system. The report focused on the bribes... Continue Reading →

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