Can KI beat Harvard?

It was the first day as a master thesis student at the department of Medical Epidemiology and Bio-statistics, aka MEB, at Karolinska Institutet. And I had the opportunity to attend this very interesting and intriguing seminar “Can KI beat Harvard?”


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Nobel Lecture in Medicine 2015

The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2015 was awarded with one half jointly to William C. Campbell and Satoshi Ōmura for their discoveries concerning a novel therapy against infections caused by roundworm parasites and the other half to Youyou Tu for her discoveries concerning a novel therapy against Malaria.

Had the opportunity to attend the lectures as a student of Karolinska.

Here are some pictures of the event……


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My beautiful wife at Karolinska Global Masters Scholarship Award Ceremony 2015

Every year Karolinska Institute offers small number of scholarships for its various Global Masters Programs. This merit-based scholarship is awarded to the deserving applicants which covers the university tuition fee.

In the year 2015, 8 scholars were awarded out of 350 applicants with this prestigious award in 6 different masters programs at KI. My beautiful wife, Dr. Fariha Binte Hossain was one of them.

It was the auspicious evening to celebrate this year’s global masters scholarship award program at Karolinska Institutet. I had the opportunity to attend the gorgeous program – which was held at beautiful Aula Medical building in Solna campus; as a guest.  It was a moment of immense pleasure as well as honor for me to attend this program as her proud husband!

KI scholarship awardees 2015 with the Vice-Chancellor and the Dean

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A Swedish Shampoo Ad Tells About An Emerging Public Health Issue

Few months ago the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation launched an ad in the train stations (T-Bana) of Stockholm city. Soon it became the talk of the town not only for the amazing technology used in it, but also for the message it carried with.

On a normal day when you are waiting for the train to come, the billboard seems to be a regular one. As the train comes by and passes the billboard something amazing happens. And finally it gives us a very important message to think and act accordingly.

Watch this video to see what happens next…………..

The Art of Academic Essay Writing

Essay writings are a dime  and a dozen in  grad-students’ lives. Almost in every course students have to submit a piece of essay as a part of their assignment. Specially writing thesis is a mandatory part of any graduate program. Still many of us don’t know how to write a good essay; how to make our works counted.

On October 29, 2014 Uppsala University, Sweden has posted a short video entitled “The Art of Essay Writing” on YouTube. The 6 minutes video describes the process of academic essay writing in 5 clear and brief steps.

On the description of the YouTube video they said-

Writing an academic essay is not about magic. It’s all about making conscious decisions throughout the research process. Step by step.

In other words, a great essay doesn’t just happen. You have to make it happen.

In this film we will take a look at five important aspects and give you some advice on how to develop your essay-writing skills.

I found the video quite educative. So, I recommend this video to whom it may concern.

Good luck! Happy writing………….

Differences In The Education Systems of Europe and South Asia

It has been 3 months since I started my class at Karolinska Institutet, Sweden. I am not only enjoying the classes here, but also observing some distinct differences between the education systems of Sweden and my home country, Bangladesh!

Based on what differences I am experiencing, I am going to write today’s blog about the differences in the education systems of Europe and South Asia – considering Sweden and Bangladesh as their regional standards. I am aware of the fact that the variability of teaching styles between educational institutes and between countries are so vast  that all these differences can not be generalized for these two regions. So, please don’t get annoyed if you find something that is not related to your institution and/or country.

Moreover, I think, all these differences are very crude rather than specific. Most importantly the aim of this article is not to compare which one is better or worse!

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First EID in foreign land without family!!!

Today is the Eid al-Adha here at Sweden. It is the first eid of my life without being with my family who are staying in Bangladesh. Eid al-Adha is a major religious festival celebrated by Muslims worldwide. It is also called Festival of Sacrifice. Muslims observe this day to reminisce about the willingness of  Ibrahim to sacrifice his son. Ismail as an act of submission to Allah’s command, before Allah then intervened to provide Ibrahim with a lamb to sacrifice instead.

I came to Sweden about one month before to study Masters in public health epidemiology. I have been okay in controlling my emotions as I am staying here alone without my family and my wife. But it’s always difficult to control your emotions on these occasions. I have been flooded with emotions today as I remember the joy I had on Eid days back in Bangladesh. Continue reading “First EID in foreign land without family!!!”

Team Red Dare Devils

Red Dare Devils is the only football team at Karolinska Institute Sports Day 2014 which is formed by masters students. All other teams were from bachelor programs. The team was also the only international team in the tournament as we had players from Bangladesh, Brazil, Myanmar, Tanzania. Quite a representation from Asia, Latin America and Africa region!


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