Okay people! I am assuming you already have a lot of questions about me and this blog e.g. who is this guy and/or  why on earth he is writing this blog etc etc. Assuming the pattern of your imaginary queries, I am going to answer them as FAQs. If you want to know more than these please don’t hesitate to write me using the contact form below. I will try to respond to your questions/ feedback.

And don’t forget to read the disclaimer!!!


Frequently asked questions (FAQs)


Question: Who are you? 

Answer: I am Shawon, an aspirant public health epidemiologist. I am learning how to be one. I have a medical degree and an MPH from Bangladesh. Currently I am pursuing Msc in Public health epidemiology at Karolinska Institutet, Sweden. I worked as a  public health researcher for icddr,b and James P Grant School of Public Health for a ballpark period of two years.

Question: Why you are writing this blog?

Answer: The main reason of writing this blog on epidemiology is my passion and love for it.  I want to share my ideas, knowledge and experiences while working on/ learning epidemiology. It feels wonderful to share something with people who have similar passion and goal to achieve.

Question: Are you an epidemiology expert?

Answer: Please, NO! I do not consider myself as an expert in this field. Rather I am a beginner with a lot of ambitions. That’s it. And please read the disclaimer.

Question: How often do you write?

Answer: Well! the internet experts have suggested me to be consistent in posting  write-ups in the blog. They say it’s good for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ranking! But to be honest, I can’t post with that much consistency. I will try to write at least 1-2 blogs per week. And yes, if I have much free time, I will definitely write more.

Question: Do I need to pay attention to this blog?

Answer: No, you don’t need to unless you have passion for public health and epidemiology or you are currently working in these fields or you want to know/learn something about epidemiology. And if this blog irritates you much, then please do not visit anymore and goodbye forever!!! If you give me feedback on why it irritates you, I would be more than grateful!

Question: Can I write here as a guest blogger?

Answer: Definitely YES. I  would love to have your piece (But it should be on epidemiology and public health)




All the posts posted in this blog are my own and they do not necessarily represent the opinions, views and policies of any institutions I am/was associated with (e.g. educational, professional). Moreover, I am not an epidemiology expert. I am an amateur who tries to learn epidemiology in all possible ways. And I believe writing and sharing this blog will surely increase my knowledge and it might help others.






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