Team Red Dare Devils

Red Dare Devils is the only football team at Karolinska Institute Sports Day 2014 which is formed by masters students. All other teams were from bachelor programs. The team was also the only international team in the tournament as we had players from Bangladesh, Brazil, Myanmar, Tanzania. Quite a representation from Asia, Latin America and Africa region!


The team was formed by Anwar, a Public health masters students in health economics track over Facebook. We as a team never played together before the tournament!!!


It was a five-a-side game which means that each team played with five players. The duration of each game was 7 minutes. Our first match was with the defending champions (Hard luck!!! Facing champions without preparation was a sheer joke!)


We played 4 matches and as the time went by our team chemistry was getting better and better. Though the results did not comply with this statement!!! It was actually team chemistry outside the field. We were having a very good time indeed.

1888910_10204986454646796_6512537679893830395_o 10662058_10204986457206860_7241085291888083032_o

I had an injury in the knee from a rough tackle by the opponent and Anwar also suffered a sprain in the hand. Okay! he was not playing with his hands; rather he was thrown away into the goal-post and that’s why he had the sprain!


Last but not the least, we had a very happy time together and after the game we went to a restaurant and had lunch together.



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